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Due to the speed with which products and information is coming at us today, NewsFlash will be published as frequently as we recognize ideas or products that are essential for you to be informed about, such as the new research we uncovered regarding sunscreen’s growing connection to ADHD and autism.  This could be as often as every few weeks.  Our commitment is to provide clear, biochemically sound advice and information that allows you to decide what is best for you and those you love.

Upcoming Issues

Further Autism Link: Aluminum Used To Process Titanium and Zinc Oxides Can Be in Sunscreens Currently Marketed as Safe for Children

Heads Up For All Who Wear Makeup and Eat: Titanium Dioxide in most Makeups and FDA Approved As a Food Additive

Why the New Children’s “Non-Nano” or “Micronized” Titanium or Zinc Oxide Sunscreens Are Not the Answer

Makeup and Body Products that Are Safe to Use

Are the New Broad Spectrum UVB and UVA Sunscreens Really an Answer?

How Safe Are the New Chemicals Designed to Stop Near Infrared Radiation (NIR)?

Are the Electrical, Gas, and Water Smart Meter Grids Safe?

EMF Radiation and Its Connection to Diabetes

Fragrances In Perfume and Dryer Sheets Identified As Toxic Carcinogens

Please contact us if you have a topic you would like in-depth analysis on so that we can feature it in an upcoming issue.



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New Voice Publications supports books and authors who support common sense answers for treating disease that the standard medical practices and the health care industry do not recognize.  There are many physicians and health care practitioners who have scores of patients who get better with the these approaches.  Everyone needs to know there are other options available from these health care practitioners who think beyond the standard of care the masses have been offered as good health care.

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We are environmental toxin experts, specializing in EMF (electromagnetic fields) and sunscreens.  EMF due to the massive and rapid proliferation of electronics distributed to the population and our children without sufficient warning as to the long-term impact on our health.  Sunscreen toxins as we have been told and sold chemicals that are spread on the body multiple times per day during the peak summer months - JAMA just released that the four chemical they tested are absorbed into the blood stream at levels that exceed what they have deemed as safe.  None of the chemicals the FDA allows are safe.

Together, these two toxins (yes, EMF is a toxin) are working together to contaminate the body's cells, DNA, and mitochondria in ways that may create irreversible damage.  We are here to bring awareness to consumers before our ability to live and thrive on this planet is destroyed.

Do learn more about EMF from wireless communications, as it is the Pollution of 21st Century!  We have 12 years of research and personal experiences to share at: = EMF information (cell phones & Wi-Fi energies) = EMF Products (Shopify) = EMF Products = View all the titles we proudly represent at our EMF website (we only publish books we support as vital-to-know health information)

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