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Sunscreen - Biohazard Summary  3:11

My Momentum Media interview

by Jakub Dolezac - Irvine Hilton 2011



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Doctors Symposium - Lecture

       Cancer Control Society - Los Angeles 2011  13:23

False Promises of Sunscreens

       Sunscreens - Biohazard Summary  3:11

       Sunscreens Don't Protect, They Do the Opposite  3:11

       Sunscreen Use Promotes Cancer  2:23

       Sunscreens Keep You In the Sun Too Long  1:10

       What SPF Numbers Mean  2:23

Natural Sun Protection

       Boost Antioxidant Levels to Prevent Sun Burn  1:40

       Stop Sunscreens, Use Antioxidants  3:10

       Best Time to Be In the Sun  5:05

Protect Your Family

       Sunscreen Is Not Just On Your Skin  3:54

       Affects of Sunscreen Use In Children  2:26

Protect the Environment

       Sunscreens Kill Marine Life  3:34

Endorsements and Reviews

       Garry Gordon, MD, OD, MD(H)  1:54


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