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There are new chemicals constantly being added to sunscreens, cosmetics, and body lotions that need to be researched for safety.

As each chemical is released to the marketplace, the Newsletter will encompass the same through research that is presented in the book.

Our goal is for you to have the clarity you need to make informed decisions as to the right courses of action for you and your family.

It will provide information regarding the most current knowledge regarding:

  • Vitamin D: how much time in the sun, how much to take as a supplement, optimal blood levels.

  • Products that are safe: make up, body lotions, sunscreens.

  • Antioxidants: which are best, how to use.

  • Clearing sunscreen chemicals from your body: best and safest methods.

We conduct 100s of hours of research to determine whether chemicals are safe for you, your children, and protects our environment.  It is imperative that we only use products that protect our health, our unborn children’s brains and natural sexual development, and preserve the incredible array of life in the ocean that feeds us and sustains us, as well as provides such a great playground for our enjoyment of God’s creations.

The best investment you will ever make for you, your family, and the environment at only:

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Due to the speed with which products and information is coming at us today, NewsFlash will be published as frequently as we recognize ideas or products that are essential for you to be informed about, such as the new research we uncovered regarding sunscreen’s growing connection to ADHD and autism.  This could be as often as every few weeks.  Our commitment is to provide clear, biochemically sound advice and information that allows you to decide what is best for you and those you love.

Upcoming Issues

Further Autism Link: Aluminum Used To Process Titanium and Zinc Oxides Can Be in Sunscreens Currently Marketed as Safe for Children

Heads Up For All Who Wear Makeup and Eat: Titanium Dioxide in most Makeups and FDA Approved As a Food Additive

Why the New Children’s “Non-Nano” or “Micronized” Titanium or Zinc Oxide Sunscreens Are Not the Answer

Makeup and Body Products that Are Safe to Use

Are the New Broad Spectrum UVB and UVA Sunscreens Really an Answer?

How Safe Are the New Chemicals Designed to Stop Near Infrared Radiation (NIR)?

Are the Electrical, Gas, and Water Smart Meter Grids Safe?

EMF Radiation and Its Connection to Diabetes

Fragrances In Perfume and Dryer Sheets Identified As Toxic Carcinogens

Please contact us if you have a topic you would like in-depth analysis on so that we can feature it in an upcoming issue.


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