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This book brings together the latest medical research confirming what the author has found to be the truth about sunscreens.  As a biological and Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Dr. Plourde who has worked exclusively for over 2 decades as a medical researcher, has been able to search the literature to uncover the total effects of sunscreen chemicals on all life on the planet.

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Providing ongoing practical information you can use!

There are new chemicals constantly being added to sunscreens, cosmetics, and body lotions that need to be researched for safety.

As each chemical is released to the marketplace, the Newsletter will encompass the same through research that is presented in the book.

Our goal is for you to have the clarity you need to make informed decisions as to the right courses of action for you and your family.

It will provide information regarding the most current knowledge regarding:

  • Vitamin D: how much time in the sun, how much to take as a supplement, optimal blood levels.

  • Products that are safe: make up, body lotions, sunscreens.

  • Antioxidants: which are best, how to use.

  • Clearing sunscreen chemicals from your body: best and safest methods.

We conduct 100s of hours of research to determine whether chemicals are safe for you, your children, and protects our environment.  It is imperative that we only use products that protect our health, our unborn children’s brains and natural sexual development, and preserve the incredible array of life in the ocean that feeds us and sustains us, as well as provides such a great playground for our enjoyment of God’s creations.

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All the research you see on all our sites is self-funded.  Please donate to New Voice so that we may continue to conduct research and bring update medical information that is safe and practical for health care consumers.


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