Protect the Coral Reefs



The ocean's ecosystem is being impacted by the sunscreens left in its waters.

The algae that the coral depend on dies, resulting in the coral dying.

ALL marine life is impacted.


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Oceans and Seas of the World

Commonly used sunscreens cause:

    Coral death within 96 hours of exposure.*

    Kills plankton: the crucial 1st level of the marine life food chain.

Sunscreen Kills Marine Life  3:34 interview by Scott Peters at the Cancer Control Society Convention - LA 2011

Reefs At Risk - is your sunscreen killing the reef?   11:12

Hawaii has banned 4 sunscreen chemicals in an effort to protect its coral.

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Lakes and Rivers of the World

Fish develop varying degrees of both male and female reproductive organs.

Bioaccumulation occurs in the food chain.

The driving force of this research was the shock I felt when returning to Grand Cayman Islands in 1993 after only 9 years to find the coral reef near where the cruise ships let off thousands of snorkeling tourist daily almost completely destroyed.

This sad ending will happen everywhere if tourists continue to believe the myth that sunscreens protect them and have not learned that they kill the world's precious marine ecosystem.

Sunscreens need to be banned before more coral reefs are decimated.

Tell everyone!

If we stop buying, they will stop manufacturing.

  *  Danovaro R, Bongiorni L, Corinaldesi C, et al. Sunscreens cause coral bleaching by promoting viral infections. Environ Health Perspect. 2008. 116(4):441-447.    Read this article . . .


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       Garry Gordon, MD, OD, MD(H)  1:54



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