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As environmental toxin experts, we specialize in EMF (electromagnetic fields), sunscreens, and hormones [most of the sunscreen chemicals used today are very disruptive to our delicately tuned hormonal ecosystem]. We focus on these three aspects of health, as they are responsible for many changes within the body and our environment that impact our health.



View our websites to explore our other research findings:

#1  Learn more about EMF from wireless communications, as it is the Pollution of 21st Century!  We have 12 years of research and personal experiences to share at:



As an EMF sensitive and medical researcher, Elizabeth offers EMF consultations. Contact her to schedule a personal consultation at:

#2  New Voice Publications supports books and authors who support common sense answers for treating disease that the standard medical practices and the health care industry do not recognize.  Each of us needs research and think beyond the standard of care that we have been offered as good health care.  The books personally authored by us have been packaged into an informational series titled:

Breaking Away From the MASS CONSiousness Series:

Insights Beyond Tunnel Vision

  View all the titles we represent

#3  Our original research began with women's hormones and unnecessary hysterectomies and ovary removals. Despite great advances in healthcare, treatment of women have suffered greatly from removing organs they need throughout their lives, and being deprived of life-providing hormones.

We agree that many of the standard of care prescribed hormone treatments have been detrimental. However, we recommend bio-identical hormones because they are not the same and vastly improve the quality-of-life for women. 

Elizabeth is a North American Menopause Society Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP). Her consultations help lead women through the maze of mis-information to find hormone solutions that are both helpful and healthful. Contact her to schedule a personal consultation at:

Her 1998 book Your Guide to Hysterectomy, Ovary Removal & Hormones provides valuable information that is just now being accepted within the medical communities. Its hormone information is still very relevant and up-to-date (whether you have had surgery, or not).

  View it at:

We also sponsor a Hysterectomy Health Info website. It is a valuable resource, as it lists many of the the Compounding Pharmacies throughout the USA that offer the bio-identical hormones that we recommend.

#4  Dr. Elizabeth Plourde has conducted health lectures in 34 states and internationally. She is available for presentations, podcasts, and interviews.  Please contact us to book a date and time.

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