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Know the chemical composition of sunscreen products before placing them on your skin.

Everything we place on the skin is absorbed and carried throughout the body: skin is an open pathway to the blood stream.

Read all labels for anything you are considering placing on the skin and decide whether you really want the chemicals it contains floating around in your blood stream.

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Rather than protecting us and our children, sunscreens: increase the risk of melanoma.

Increase risk of skin cancers.

  • 97% Americans have sunscreen chemicals in their blood.*

  • Pass through the placenta, altering crucial male/female sex differentiation.

  • Pass into mother's milk, causing hormone disruption.

  • Cause men's breasts to grow.

  • Block vitamin D synthesis epidemic of vitamin D deficiency disease.

Mother nature provides natural sun protection all can use safely.

  *  Calafat AM, Wong LY, Ye X, Reidy JA, Needham LL. Concentrations of the sunscreen agent benzophenone-3 in residents of the United States: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-2004. Environ Health Perspect. 2008. 116(7):893-897.    Read this article . . .


Affects of Sunscreen Use in Children  2:26 interview by Scott Peters at the

Cancer Control Society Convention - Los Angeles 2011


Sunscreen Is Not Just On Your Skin  3:54

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